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Does anyone watch Nurarihyon no Mago ??


I never see it on my dash, ever. 

Do people not watch it because they don’t think its good?  Or is it just not popular ???????

I think its pretty good. I mean the first season wasn’t as great as the second season. But season one was still good enough to keep me watching.

And then I got to season two and was like IT GOT SO MUCH BETTER IM SO GLAD I KEPT WATCHING IT!!!!

I actually still have like 4 episodes left but I’ve been watching other animes to procrastinate because I dont want to finish it! Then I got all caught up on my FT rewatch trying to rewatch the series before the premier of the new one. I want to finish it but I also don’t because the word is it just wasnt popular enough for a third season :(((((((((((((((

But yeah Nura is totally great especially Demon Capital you should give it a shot if you’re reading this. 

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some screen shots I was able to take,well I have been using the TV screen in watching this so its less than what I can take…

by order of the photos
>when I was getting stuff for making the dvd of the 1st season,and searching for a photo…that was my 1st choice…but then the song I choose was Sunshine by Monkey Majik XD not really compatible with them being bright and dark

>Rikuo night version looks great in other clothing besides his usual robe…

>that blood that spurted out, I got green minded XD

>funny faces are a must capture

>heart shaped water blob

>funny faces are a must capture

>epic EQUIP-ing

and here’s Ryuuji that really has a similar face/expression with Xanxus of KHR

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// I’ve been sucked into Nurarihyon No Mago and I am so mad. It’s illegal to be that good looking at 13, sir I am going to have to ask you to tone down the sexy please. This is not SNK you have no right be be that beautiful and under the age of 18. Now please turn around, put your hands behind your back while I read you your Miranda rights. 

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